Chijin XiaoXIAO, Chijin

Department of Physics and Engineering Physics

Telephone: (306) 966-6415
Facsimile: (306) 966-6400
Office: 156 Physics

B.Sc. (USTC,Hefei, China) 1982
M.Sc. (
USTC, Hefei, China) 1984
Dr. rer. nat. (
RUB, Bochum, Germany) 1990

Research and Academic Interests

Dr. Xiao's research interests are plasma physics, controlled thermonuclear fusion, and applied plasma physics and technology. In collaboration Professor A. Hirose, Dr. Xiao has carried out various experiments on the Saskatchewan TORus-Modified (STOR-M) tokamak, the University of Saskatchewan Compact Torus Injector (USCTI) and the University of Saskatchewan Dense Plasma Focus (UofS-DPF) device .

1. Tokamak Plasma Transport

Dr. Xiao's work on H-mode (improved confinement) discharge studies has contributed to better understanding of the fluctuation induced transport in a tokamak. The ohmic H-modes in STOR-M are induced by a short current pulse, electrode biasing, limited biasing, and compact torus injection.

2. Compact Torus Injector

Compact torus injection is an emerging new technique to fuel a large tokamak. Dr. Xiao has been responsible for design and fabrication of the University of Saskatchewan Compact Torus Injector. Tangential CT injection into STOR-M has triggered H-mode without disruption.

3. AC Tokamak Operation

Dr. Xiao has participated alternating current tokamak operation experiments on STOR-M. AC tokamak operation has advantages over conventional unipolar current operation because of effective Ohmic heating in a reactor.

4. Plasma Diagnostics

Dr. Xiao has expertise in plasma diagnostic instruments including Langmuir probes, magnetic probes, microwave and He-Ne laser interferometers, neutral beam, SXR detectors, spectroscopy, and pulsed power supply technology.

5. Applied Plasma Physics and Technology

Dr. Xiao is also working on plasma assisted syntheses of carbon-based materials such as carbon nanotubes and diamond films using hot filament and microwave CVD devices. The field electron emission properties of the films are also investigated. A dense plasma focus device has been built to investigate the feasibility of activation of short-lived isotopes used for medical imaging.

Recent Publications (2013-)

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