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These links are to lists of the "Concept Quiz" Questions we have had in class. The answers are also given. There are also included some additional questions that we did not do in class.

The questions are grouped below according to the relevant chapter number in the text book.

Remember, also, to pay attention to the Quick Quizzes that are in each chapter of the Text Book.

Classroom participation

In order to participate fully in the classroom learning, of which these Concept Quizzes are a part, you will need a "clicker".

The TurningPoint RF Response Card (or "clicker") from Turning Technologies is available from the Campus Computer Store ($39). The TurningPoint clicker has become a University standard so it may be used in many classes. Once purchased the clicker is yours and you may use it for as many classes as you wish. You are also free to resell the clicker to another student if you do not need it again.

Once purchased you need to register the clicker before it can be used. To register it go to the PAWS Academics Tab (more information will be available soon). Once registered your clicker becomes associated with your NSID. If you give or sell your clicker to another student you must de-register it first. Then the other student can register it in his/her name.

In general I will not be using the clicker for any in-class testing. It is merely a tool for getting feedback from students during class. I will however be assigning a mark for classroom participation. You will need to use your clicker in at least 80% of the classes in order to receive the 2% classroom participation mark.

Participation Scores


Click on the above link to see you recorded participation.
A "1" indicates that you participated in that lecture by using your clicker.
A "0" indicates that you did not participate in that lecture by using your clicker.
The last column shows your current participation score. You need to participate in at least 80% of the lectures to receive the 2% participation mark.

Concept Quizzes.

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