University of Saskatchewan
Department of Physics and Engineering Physics

PHYS 812.3 - Electromagnetic Theory

  January - April  2011

Important: It is understood that you have passed upper year undergraduate E&M course(s).

Instructor: Akira Hirose. Office Room 66.

Suggested books for additional reading and reference

Jackson: Classical Electrodynamics (3rd ed.) (standard textbook)
Smythe: Static and Dynamic Electricity (classic textbook with good chapters on statics)
Landau, Lifshits: Electrodynamics in Continuous Media (classic book with mathematical rigor)
Landau, Lifshits: Classical Theory of Fields (radiation of E&M and gravity waves)
Cohen-Tannoudji, Dupont-Roc, Grynberg: Photons and Atoms, Introduction to QED (good introduction to QED)
Van Bladel: Electromagnetic Fields (probably most advanced E&M book with difficult practical examples)
Ramo, Whinnery, van Duzer: Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics (easy reading with practical applications)
Collins: Field Theory of Guided Waves (2nd ed.) (Dr. Collins was our EP graduate.) (advanced theory of guided waves)
Batygin, Toptygin: Problems in Electrodynamics (some 700 collected problems with solutions)
Moon, Spencer: Field Theory for Engineers (good reference for some 40 coordinates)
Morse, Feshbach: Methods of Theoretical Physics (classic textbook on theoretical physics)
Abramowitz: Handbook of Mathematical Functions (good reference for special functions)

Marks: Assignments (5) 25%. Midterm 25%. Final 50%.

You may download the Lecture Notes from the link below.

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