The Bradley Lab tackles problems in materials synthesis for photonic
and electronic device fabrication. Plasma processing and ion
bombardment are extensively used for materials synthesis. Synchrotron
spectroscopies as well as Raman and FTIR are used for materials
characterization. Application areas include solar cells, silicon photonics,
and other photonics applications.

Post-Docs: Interested applicants holding a PhD are encouraged to apply
for a Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship. Information on these prestigious
awards is available at the following URL:
If you are interested in applying, please contact Prof. Michael Bradley

Graduate Students:

2 PhD positions available starting in January 2016:

PhD project 2015-1: graphene & nanocrystalline solar cells

PhD Project 2015-2: TBA

Special Opportunities for Prospective
Graduate Students & Postdocs
from countries in Asia & Latin America:

The University of Saskatchewan works with partners and governments in
China, Vietnam and Ecuador and with CALDO to recruit funded
from Asia and Latin America. Please contact Prof. Bradley by email
( to learn more about these opportunities.

§  CSC (China)
§  CONICYT (Chile)
§  PRONOBEC (Peru)
§  SENESCYT (Ecuador)
§  SwB (Brazil)
§  VIED (Vietnam)