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Prof. Michael P. Bradley, PhD, PEng

I am an experimental physicist with a strong background in precision measurements and metrology. Over my career I have been involved in the development of a variety of pioneering experiments involving precision detectors (e.g. single ion trapping for precision atomic mass measurement, new methods for semiconductor device fabrication and metrology exploiting quantum effects, and development of superconducting devices for precision measurements). I was born in Victoria, BC and grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada after stints in Winnipeg and Thunder Bay. (Saskatchewan is my 5th province). I am fluently bilingual in French and English. I earned an Honours BSc in Applied Physics from UNB followed by a PhD in Physics from MIT.  I joined the U of S Dept. of Physics & Engineering Physics in 2003 after working as scientist in the R&D labs of Axcelis Technologies (formerly the Eaton Semiconductor Equipment Corp).  I spent the period from Sept. 2009- Aug 2011 working as a Research Fellow at the BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures) in Sèvres, France.  I returned to the U of S in Sept. 2012 with a new focus on Quantum Engineering. In addition my research group has recently begun some new work in BioMedical Optics, in collaboration with bioscience researchers at the University of Saskatchewan and elsewhere.

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