The Eureka Polar Science Home Page

Eureka Polar Observatory, located at the
Atmospheric Environment Service ASTRO Lab
80.05º N, 86.42º W geographic
88.9º N CGM

Operations at Eureka, NWT, began in December 1990 and have continued until 1995.


Prof. D.J. McEwen, University of Saskatchewan
Prof. J.W. MacDougall, University of Western Ontario
Prof. R.P. Lowe, University of Western Ontario


Dr. I. Oznovich, University of Saskatchewan
Dr. D.P. Steele, University of Saskatchewan
Prof. K. Hayashi, University of Tokyo
Prof. G.G. Sivjee, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Eureka Polar Observatory Researchers

Left to Right: Don McEwen, Albert Maione, Nick Rolheiser, Peter How, David Harris, Yongliang Zhang [Missing: Greg Hammel (on site), Israel Oznovich]

Research Projects

Polar Arcs
F-Layer Patches
Wave Activity in Polar Airglow

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