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Star adoptions make ideal gifts to:

    You may pick your favorite star or leave the selection up to us.
    Prices vary depending on the star's brightness, ranging from $50 - $1500 per star.

Adopters will receive:

What do we do?
Observatory facilities at the University of Saskatchewan are available for use by both university students and visitors to the campus. The telescopes and other scientific equipment are used by university students during the laboratory component of their courses. University personnel regularly offer tours of the observatory to elementary and high school classes, youth groups and other community associations. The Observatory is staffed year-round on Saturday nights so that any visitor may view celestial objects through the telescope.
What will your donation support?
Astronomical equipment is expensive. Your donation will help to purchase and maintain telescopes and facilities at the University of Saskatchewan and to hire personnel to conduct astronomy programs for the community.
How to Adopt-A-Star
Stars may be adopted at the U of S observatory by making a tax-deductible contribution payable to the University of Saskatchewan. Adoption rates depend upon the star's apparent brightness as follows:

First Magnitude Stars
(brightest stars with magnitude m < 1.9)

Second Magnitude Stars
(very bright stars with magnitude 2.0 > m < 2.9)

Third Magnitude Stars
(bright stars with magnitude 3.0 > m < 3.9)

Fourth Magnitude Stars
(moderately bright stars with magnitude m > 4.0)

If you have questions about the adoption process or wish to obtain the official magnitude of a star, email: or phone (306) 966-6396.

Drop by the Observatory for Adoption Request Forms or phone (306) 966-6396 and request a form to be mailed to you.

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